Documentary Wedding Photography

Documentary Wedding Photography

A creative wedding photographer based in Norfolk, UK since 2003, my speciality is documentary wedding photography. Some call it wedding photojournalism. Or storytelling. I shoot the wedding day as it happens. It’s about genuine, natural, creative, emotional images. I want to reflect the uniqueness of you and your day. I want to tell the story of your day. Whatever the weather, wherever the location. Based here in Norfolk, I also photograph weddings throughout the UK as well as destination weddings in more distant lands.

So many wedding photography recommendations have come my way over the years. I am humbled and grateful to all my clients for their pleasure in sharing my work with their friends and family. Thank you! It’s great to seeing you again at other couples’ weddings!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer to take endless group shots please click away from this site! Around 8 groups give or take is great. I do like to spend a little time with you, the couple for some creative pictures of you together. My aim is to take as little time out of your day as possible, so you can get on with enjoying your wedding day. Then I can leave you to enjoy the company of your guests while I duck and dive unobtrusively catching the fun and interactions between you all.

Ultimately, my creative wedding photographer style is as observer rather than director, keeping your wedding photography natural, capturing you at your best among friends and family. Take a wander through my wedding photography galleries to see the results of my take on other couples’ wedding days. If you’d like to see more of my work you’ll find my most recent creative wedding photographer commissions on my blog.

If you’d like to discuss your day with me further, I’d be delighted to hear from you – contact me here, or give me a call.